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For Those With Regrets

Has enough time passed that we can talk about this openly? I hope so. I hear there is talk of masks and mandates coming back around, although I cannot imagine that governmental agencies and health organizations would attempt this perversity again after the absolute debacle of the past few years. Surely we have all sharpened up since early 2020, right? Right?

As I was walking this morning, I took some time to think back and recall those early days of the pandemic. I remember being legitimately scared at the beginning - wondering if this was, in fact, the End Times. I can remember looking up at the blue sky, imagining invisible microscopic poisonous organisms floating through the air, targeting me and the people I loved for death. And I remember praying aloud, "God, I didn't think the end of things would go quite like this. I need your peace and your wisdom to make sense of this."

Would this virus be our global demise, and would my family survive it? I wondered what we would do to ensure our children were healthy and fed. I worried about would happen if either my husband or I became terminally ill with this deadly sickness. We suddenly got very serious about backyard chickens and immediate garden expansion. We put in another bulk order of beef, pork, and chicken, and got our freezers fully stocked. We canceled social plans and travel itineraries. We took the education of our children into our own hands. We thought hard about short and long term planning and preparation.

I can empathize with those who felt fearful and desperate during those early days.

But within a month or two, as things began to unfold, my perspective shifted drastically. I stopped being scared and starting becoming more rational, steady, and observant. Soon after that, I felt angry and defiant. We weren't being told the whole story - that was becoming abundantly clear - and I began to recognize more consistently the signs of deception and manipulation. To this day, I'm still bewildered why so many people continued to trust those with so much power and influence, but absolutely no accountability.

I have given some thought to the series of "red flag" realizations that led my husband and me to the decisions we have made for ourselves and our family, even though it came at a cost. I share these in the hope that they might help someone else out there, should something similar happen again.

  1. The sole solution was untested for safety and efficacy. And people were being forcibly coerced into an experimental medical intervention in the most dehumanizing and deceptive of ways. Loss of body sovereignty and health freedom should have sent off warning rocket flares in all of our minds. I am continuing to educate myself on the history of these interventions, and it goes without saying that it's a shady business indeed.

  2. There was only one acceptable narrative, and any view raised in contradiction was quickly silenced and the speaker harshly maligned. Truth doesn't feel threatened by opposition, but instead welcomes and encourages open discourse, having full confidence that any falsehoods will always be revealed for what they are. When those in power resorted to disparaging people's character rather than effectively addressing the legitimate questions at hand, there was no doubt in my mind that The Establishment was desperate and running scared. I paid no attention to the bought-and-paid-for "experts" from that point on.

  3. There was no mention whatsoever about strengthening the immune system through basic healthy habits. No mention of proper diet, solid sleep, time outdoors in nature, appropriate exercise, connection with friends and family, and avoidance of toxins. Instead, we were actually warned against these things - being told to stay indoors and avoid social gatherings. Gyms were closed, churches were stifled, and Americans were rewarded for their "healthy" injections with free donuts from Krispy Kreme. We were being told the solution for this new kind of toxicity was injecting ourselves with even more toxicity. What?! It couldn't have been any more backwards!

  4. I turned my ear to the quiet, consistent voices rather than the loud majority with the megaphones. Other than God's Word and my immediate family and close friends, the major influences in my life during that time as it related to health decisions were individuals like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Dr. Zach Bush, Steve Kirsch, Brett Weinstein and Heather Hyeing of the Dark Horse podcast, and even my own functional doctor in Charlottesville. Every time I listened to these individuals, or heard them speak on various panels, everything in me resonated with their words. Their views weren't necessarily identical, but there seemed to be a common core belief that a chemical injection was not going to save us from ourselves, and in fact, was likely to do even more harm. I do believe we recognize truth when we hear it, if we are willing to dial in and listen carefully. I'm so grateful I was able to surround myself with likeminded people who kept me grounded and sane during those especially difficult days. Choose your tribe wisely.

  5. I've said this many times in other places, but it's worth repeating. I believe in a God of order and logic. There is no chance, no luck, no random occurrences. Rules should make sense. Cause and effect should be appropriate and rational. Authorities mandating that public school students wear face masks with mouth holes cut into them to accommodate playing their musical instruments doesn't make logical sense. Accusing others of endangering humanity as you stuff your grocery cart with Diet Coke, Oreos, ice cream, Cap'n Crunch, wine, and microwave pizza doesn't make logical sense. Trusting an injection to produce health in our bodies without doing the real work of actually changing habits and behaviors doesn't make logical sense.

I've never before experienced the level of utter disbelief as I did during those months and years. Incredulous doesn't do the experience justice. It was and still is soul-sickening, especially to have seen children and pregnant mothers lining up for an injection that had never been tested on either of those especially vulnerable populations.

But all that said, isn't it just like God to extend grace and offer a second chance? Just this week I became aware of a spike protein detox protocol shared by Dr. Peter McCullough, an individual who worked so tirelessly during the entire pandemic to bring truth to light. I'll include the link below in case you haven't seen it. What's fascinating about this protocol is that it is really quite simple - a combination of 3 common and easily-sourced supplements derived from real food sources: nattokinase (an enzyme derived from the fermentation of soy), bromelain (an enzyme derived from pineapple), and curcumin (derived from turmeric). If you regret a decision you made in the heat of the moment, or if you were forced into getting the shot to protect your job and your family's livelihood, I pray this protocol will be as effective as it appears to be, and that this announcement will bring hope and healing to countless people.

May God grant us all wisdom to discern truth from lies, and may He empower us to care for our bodies holistically, as He has intended for us to do.

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