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Heal the Mom. Heal the Family.
Change the World.

Amy Taft

Realize Your Potential

With Good Life Architect.

What is the Good Life?

Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Coach, and Nutrition Specialist

Hey, fellow Difference-Maker!


I’m Amy, and I’m recruiting a team of visionary women trained to raise healthy, resilient families that are connected to their roots and fueled by real food.


My dream is to radically impact our world by helping women discover their healing power and potential – first for themselves, then for their families, and finally – for the world. Together we can push back the tide of chronic disease and reclaim our health, one family at a time.

Taft Family 2022-003.jpg

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

"Working with Amy was literally life altering for our family and especially my 13-year old son, Roman. Roman went from overweight, underperforming and sick to healthy, inspiring and vibrant. I know that the future Roman was heading towards is far different than the one he is now creating, largely in part to his time with Amy!"

- Lil


Let’s Get Healthy

Healthy Food

Ready for a Change?

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