Name: Tim
Starting Weight:195 pounds
Current Weight:158 pounds

Eating and Working Out

In 2005, I was working on a year-long contract with the US Department of State in Kabul, Afghanistan. I lived on a secure compound with roughly 125 other contractors. MAN CAMP! When we weren’t on duty, our primary choices in leisure activities included eating and working out at the base gym. Needless to say, I did a lot of both. At 5’6”, my weight tipped at 195 pounds. I had a 36” waist and a body fat calculation of 27%. It was the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. It was also the unhealthiest I’ve ever been.

CrossFit Enthusiast

Back in the States a few years later, I started getting more involved with the CrossFit movement and eventually started my own affiliate. I had dropped some weight since my contractor days, but knew I had a long way to go and just wasn’t consistent enough to get the results I wanted. I began reading about and researching all of the buzz words of that very tight-knit CrossFit community, and of course “paleo” came quickly to my attention. I was more than ready to jump on board with it, but my wife – though open to the fitness aspect, was not so enthusiastic about any kind of diet. It wasn’t until our two boys developed food-related phobias and intolerances that she really began to give paleo some consideration. And when her own stomach issues steadily worsened, she and I finally agreed to get serious about what we were eating and feeding our kids.

My Body Was Loving Paleo

The transition to paleo was slow, but steady. Amy gradually got braver with her pantry purges and started to really enjoy finding great recipes and preparing them for our family and others. Our kids began to adjust to the new policy of “everyone is eating the same thing for dinner.” No more short order cook. I was loving the change, and so was my body. Following two separate rounds of Whole 30 in February and September, my weight is now at 158 (and still dropping). I lost 5 inches off my waist and my body fat is now about 18%. I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle mass – certainly not lifting as heavy as I once did, but my mobility and overall fitness is remarkably improved. I wouldn’t ever go back to that old me.

Effortless Relationship with Food

Even though Whole 30 is meant to be a short-term commitment, we decided at the end of the second one especially that we weren’t really missing many of those once-favorite foods. What started off as a white-knuckled effort to control habits and cravings has now become almost effortless. For those who think paleo is all about restriction and self-denial, you need to know we almost feel guilty about how well we eat and how amazing it tastes. And it’s so simple – real food. We do eat “off plan” occasionally, but the effects of clean eating are so relevant and pronounced, there’s virtually no temptation to return to our old habits anymore.