Name: Tammy
Pounds lost:22

Trying to Get Healthier

I have been trying to get healthier for approximately 11 years. Let me note that the word TRYING should have air quotes around it. However, my 1st step was to quit smoking. Which I did. Cold turkey, New Years Eve 2007. I thought that would be the hard part. Then came the 60 pounds I gained as a result. I kept telling myself, I’d rather be fat than smoke. The weight will come off! Well, enter my kids – Jacob in 2010 and Kenzie in 2013. The weight did NOT come off.

All They Told Me was “Inflammation”

I had always been athletic. As a gymnast, soccer, softball and rugby player in what seemed like a former life, I never had to worry about weight. I was convinced that I had a thyroid problem or some sort of other issue going on because my body was constantly inflamed. Not only my outsides, but my insides too. Tests after tests after tests, the only conclusion was inflammation. No doctor could tell me where or why, but all of my markers for inflammation were always high.

I Tried Everything

I tried to diet myself. I joined every gym. I did frozen low fat lunches. I did Weight Watchers. I would lose a minimal amount of weight, but was always unsatisfied which caused me to binge, and quit.

This is Do-Able

Then I met Amy from Good Life Architect. (YAY for me!) I had never heard of Whole 30 and it sounded challenging, but doable! So I went to her class and low and behold Inflammation was a topic. I was instantly intrigued. So, the day after Labor day was the day when I started Whole30. It was 30 days of learning, eating to be satisfied, and falling back in love with veggies.


Returning to Normal

It was also 30 days in which I lost 22 pounds with little exercise, and on day 28 I got blood work done. On day 31 I got an email from my doctor that said my inflammation markers were normal. NORMAL. I hadn’t heard that 11 years. My psoriasis is under control, my bloating is under control and my clothes fit. My skin looks better than it has in years and my hair is strong and shiny!

80/20 Mix is Working

Now, I meal prep. I’m picky about what I grocery shop for, what I eat when I’m out, and I feel great. Sure, I’m not 100% on Whole30 100% of the time anymore, but a nice 80/20 mix is working!