Name: Stephen
Starting Weight:225 pounds
Current Weight:201 pounds

Stalled Progress

Stephen weighed 211 pounds when he joined Amy’s Whole 30 challenge group. He recently dropped from 225 pounds by increasing exercise (weekly weight lifting and walking the dog) and some intermittent fasting. Despite the great progress he had made, Stephen knew his body was still clearly overweight and bloated, and his weight loss had plateaued. He was certain his body composition was directly linked to poor diet, which was dominated by a focus on refined sugar and carbs

A Challenge is What He Needed

After attending Good Life Architect seminar, Stephen started researching Whole 30; the short-term, paleo-based elimination diet geared to jump-start weight loss, reset dietary habits and heal the gut so the body’s immune system can function more effectively and efficiently. The scientific facts underlying Whole 30 scared Stephen, as he knew he was hooked on grains and sugar, but he knew deep inside that this challenge was what he needed.

Whole 30 Jumpstart

Stephen lost 10 pounds during the month of implementing the Whole 30 diet, almost entirely due to the simple (but not simple!) changes in diet. He continued his daily walks, and for the most part, lifted weights once per week during the month.

Time and Persistence

Since the conclusion of his Whole 30 challenge, Stephen has continued to be 80% or more “on plan” with his paleo eating. He has increased his lifting sessions to 2x per week, and also added a little running into his routine. As of this writing, his weight has held steady at 201 pounds, although he’s managed to get below 200 pounds on several occasions.

This is a significant achievement…he hasn’t weighed less than 200 pounds for 20 years! He is still pushing to drop to 195 pounds or less, as he desires to get rid of some stubborn belly and body fat.

At this point in his journey, these additional few pounds are no big deal. He knows he can achieve his goal with a little more time and persistence.