Name: Lisa, Scott & Katy
Health Concerns:Digestive issues, Acne, Weight Control & Overall Energy
Lisa, Scott & Katy

We did it!

It wasn’t perfect but it was pretty close. We each had a reason – I’d been having tummy trouble for months, Katy wanted to help her acne, and Scott joined in surprisingly just to try it out. I cooked (and cooked and cooked) and portioned everyone’s meals – it took time and planning but it was so worth it.

Issues Resolved

Almost immediately my tummy issues resolved. Scott was losing weight and gaining energy. Katy was surviving without junk food and saving money by not eating out. I was so proud of her! She definitely broke a few bad habits, and we do think we saw some improvement in her skin. Perhaps had she continued for another round she would have seen even more.

We Love the Results

We finished our round in early October but have continued to eat compliant meals. It’s gotten easier and we love the results, so why stop?! I’ve been amazed at my new-found control over my sweet tooth, and Scott has recognized that his nighttime snacking habits were really unhealthy. We learned a lot and we feel great. I’m amazed we did it, to be honest. It’s not easy and you really have to want to be doing it or else it might be easy to quit mid-round. Try it for yourselves – it works!