Name: Courtney
Current Weight Loss:6 pounds

I Knew It Was The Right Time

I started the Whole30 after getting home from my Spring break vacation. I had spent a week eating, drinking, and having fun with my family. But when I got home, I was left feeling bloated and heavier than my norm. My friend Amy had told me about this elimination diet concept a while before, and I knew it was the “right time.”

Finding New Ways to Relax That Didn’t Include Wine

I took a weekend to prep everything, read as much as I could, and mentally prepared myself. I started my Whole 30 on a Monday. I made it the whole 30 days. The journey was tough for me the first 5 days. Wine is my reward when I get home from work, so I had to create a new relaxing “fix” for myself. This included fruit and chai tea. After I got the junk out of my system, 10 days or so into it, I felt amazing. After that, I enjoyed the journey.

Happier and Healthier

At the end of my 30 days, I had some routine lab work done and discovered that my thyroid (TSH level) was more controlled. My body just felt so much better! I now have a healthier relationship with both food and alcohol. I am able to understand the effects different foods have on me, and what I need to stay away from permanently. I feel happier and healthier. I lost 6 pounds total and continue to keep it off using Whole 30 concepts. Currently I’m a few days into a “Whole 21” to prepare for Thanksgiving. I would highly recommend a paleo approach like a Whole 30 to anyone looking for any positive change in their mind and body!