Name: Carol
Current Weight Loss:10 pounds

Mis-Diagnosed and Sent on My Way

I wanted to thank you so very much for inviting me a few months back to your home and introducing me to a new world of knowledge concerning my health and how eating better can improve my life. Since I was a child, I have lived with terrible stomach issues. After several years of mis-diagnosis, I was finally diagnosed with Diverticulitis about 5 years ago. I was simply given a “no-no” list of foods to avoid and sent on my way…

Sick Almost Every Day

My body developed this pattern where I would have a time frame of discomfort and then go months, even years, with no pain, eating whatever I pleased. But in 2017, my stomach pains came back worse than ever. I was so bloated some days that I looked several months pregnant and needed to wear my old maternity jeans just so my clothes didn’t hurt my stomach.  And I was so sick to my stomach, almost every day.

I Started Small

After coming to your home in August and listening to your story and learning about how different types of food and such could be causing so much of my discomfort, I slowly started changing what I put into my body.  I started small: no more sugar in my tea, only honey. I stopped using all oils for cooking except olive oil. I stopped using margarine.  I stopped eating chips, candy and ice cream. I started eating more fruits and veggies. And more eggs. I cannot tell you how many eggs I go through a week!  But that has turned into my go-to snack.  Instead of grabbing a handful of chips or candies, I eat a hard-boiled egg. Not even close to getting the same satisfaction of course, but it helps to ease my cravings.


Feeling and Seeing a Difference

My hardest change was to eliminate cheese. I know without a doubt that cheese is one of the biggest contributors to my stomach discomfort, and yet I still chose to eat it and deal with it.  (Pizza… my most favorite food in the world – was making me sick). Over the last month, I have greatly reduced my pasta, cheese, bread and dairy intake. And I am avoiding as much “processed” food as I can. I am making stronger choices now and I am feeling and seeing a difference.

I Want to Keep Learning

I no longer have a bloated stomach on a daily basis, nor do I feel sick so often.  I am still exhausted many days, but hey – what mom of little ones is not?! But I do notice I have a little more energy, certainly more than I did a couple of months ago. I am a smaller framed person, and I have lost about 10 pounds in the last month, but all good.  It was mostly all in my belly.  And I am certainly not close to being underweight.

I look forward to attending more of the Good Life Architect classes in the next few months and learning more about what I can do for myself and for my family, to continue to live a healthier lifestyle.