Primal Paradigm Shift, Class 101

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Primal Primer 101 Seminar

Ancestral Precedent

Have you heard of “paleo” but feel skeptical about another fad diet or gimmick? Or maybe you just want to understand and learn more about it?

Modern Scientific Fact

During this introductory seminar, we will consider our health from the perspective of your ancestry, drawing upon the sciences of evolutionary biology and biochemistry as they apply to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.

You will discover why conventional wisdom has failed us in the areas of sustainable weight management, exercise methodology, and protection from chronic illness and disease.

Upcoming Dates

  • July 27, 2019 – 10am-12pm

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Salem Church Library (Room A)

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Seminar topics:

We will cover diet, exercise, sun exposure, stress management, and many other lifestyle habits that have been undermined and pushed aside by the pace and demands of our modern world.

The 2-hour seminar will include:

  • 90-minute interactive presentation
  • Helpful resources to get you moving in the direction of optimal health
  • Extended Q&A session to follow the seminar
  • Coffee, tea, and water will be served

Special Guest: Lesley Deyesu, Organizational Expert

On December 2nd, Lesley from Clean Lines Organizing and Design will be a guest presenter at the Primal Primer 101 seminar. She will share her professional advice to help you create order in your everyday good life.

Lesley is a very active, Paleo-eating, single mom of three and will provide practical tips on how to get the whole family organized, and keep them organized, with a special focus on kitchens, pantries, and refrigerators.

A Message from Amy

Past experience has convinced me that a paradigm shift in your diet, fitness, and lifestyle choices is so much more successful if you link arms with a partner – your spouse or a trusted friend. I invite you to take advantage of this FREE class, not because it potentially boosts the attendance (which is wonderful of course!), but because I want you to take this information and apply it effectively and sustainably. There’s no better way I can think of than to make that commitment with someone who shares your passion and goals.

Additional information

Seminar Date

Saturday, July 27, 10AM – 12 PM

Primal Paradigm Shift, Class 101


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