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Nourished Kids 2019

If you have children in your care and you are ready to *get serious* about their long-term health and nutrition, I’ll be forming an online support group beginning January 1. Posts will be minimal but packed with relevant content. I will offer real-life resources, daily challenges, and thought-provoking information to help you shift, expand, or overhaul your paradigm about what it means to feed your children well. Plus you will benefit from the ideas and experiences of a like-minded community desiring to make progress in this area, just as you do.

Cost per person is $31 – one dollar for each day of the month. If you recruit a friend to join with you, the cost for both of you is $31. Two friends, $31. Three friends, $31. Recruit a bunch of friends and you could be paying pennies a piece. Do you get it?

I am determined to build an army of parents and caregivers who will change the tide of unwellness for our children, and I invite you to join this important effort.

To be added to the Facebook group, complete the purchase on this page or email or contribute a comment under the pinned post on the Good Life Architect Facebook page. I’ll add you to the group and provide information for payment. Grab a friend to join you. Heck, grab a bunch of friends! Our kids need us to take this seriously, and I believe every small step of progress brings them and all of us closer to better nutrition and better health.

Weekly Themes & Downloads

Recognize the Need

Gain New Perspective

Switch This For That

Expand Your Horizons

  • Day 21
    • Smarter Breakfast – watch the video which will be posted on the Nourished Kids Facebook Group sometime today and make a list of at least 3 protein/fat-based breakfast options that you can try this week. Formal recipes might be helpful – I’ll post a few and encourage others to do the same – but really it can be as simple as scrambled eggs and bacon and a small side of fresh fruit.
    • Your only job is to select those that best suit your family and ensure you have all the necessary ingredients for the week.
    • Extra Challenge: Play relaxing or kid-friendly music during one meal today and see what, if any, effect it has on mealtime atmosphere.
  • Day 22
    • Smarter Breakfast: Prepare Option 1.
    • Extra Challenge: Your kids have only water only to drink all day. You can add wedges of fresh fruit for fun if you’d like (lemons, limes, oranges…)
  • Day 23
    • Smarter Breakfast: Prepare Option 2.
    • Extra Challenge: Attempt to “Go Free” today…free of dairy, grains, or sugar. Pick one or more. See how far in the day you get before there’s a slip. Or maybe there won’t be one!
  • Day 24
    • Smarter Breakfast: Prepare Option 3.
    • Extra Challenge: Order, purchase, or borrow from the library a new paleo cookbook. Refer to my List of Recommended Cookbooks, or find another one that grabs your attention.
  • Day 25
    • Smarter Breakfast: Prepare another new option, or repeat a favorite from previous days.
    • Post in the group about the most successful new recipe you tried this week – include a picture if you’d like.
    • Extra Challenge: Serve vegetables (cooked or raw, doesn’t matter) at every meal today. It’s okay if you’re kids don’t eat them – don’t fuss or fight with them about it. Only encourage and let them see YOU eating and enjoying them at each meal.
  • Day 26
    • Smarter Breakfast: Prepare another new option, or repeat a favorite from previous days.
    • Evaluate your child’s Daily Wellness Checklist for today, noting any progress from last week.
    • Post a comment, question, and/or picture from this week’s efforts.
    • Extra Challenge: Ask your kids to pick a color and see if you can serve it at every meal today (example: red grapes with breakfast, red tomatoes at lunch, red bell pepper in your stir fry). If kids eat it, AWESOME! If not, no worries – just be sure you are having fun talking about food!
  • Day 27

Establishing Mealtime Expectations

Nourished Kids 2019


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