Paleo From a 7-Year Old’s Perspective

I’m very aware how my attitude and behavior around food affects my kids, especially my daughter who is old enough now to understand the effect food has on our bodies and minds. Every now and then I can get her interested in the kitchen, helping me with whatever I’m making. I make a point to talk with her about eating food that is fresh, local and in season. (She knows all about this thanks to a Caillou book about this very topic). And after a handful of unfortunate incidents over the years with an upset stomach and lingering illness, she now regulates her intake of sugary foods better than most adults, even when I’m not around. Here is her perspective of Paleo. She thought of the last question on her own, and typed her own answer. I’m a very proud mommy!

What is Paleo?

Something that helps your body and keeps you healthy because it’s all healthy food and you can try Whole30 if you like it.


Why do we eat this way?

To keep our bodies healthy and strong.


What do you like about it?

I like that you can eat safe foods and it keeps you from getting sick. Sometimes the food is tasty.


What don’t you like about it?

Sometimes I don’t like the food, like eating steak. Steak takes me forever to finish chewing it!


What are 5 of your favorite paleo foods?

I like the Island Breeze smoothie, fried eggs with the yellow part in the middle, roasted carrots, salmon, and cucumbers.


Do you think you’d like to try a Whole 30? Why or why not?

I would like to try so I can learn when I grow up to teach my own kids about healthy food.


Why does mommy spend so much time learning about the paleo lifestyle?

So she can have a wise life and live long and keep her family safe and healthy. And she wants to be a better primal health coach.


Do the kids at school comment about the foods you pack for lunch?

No, they don’t really care. But the lunch ladies at school say they are so jealous of my healthy lunches!


If you spent the whole day with a friend and ate all your meals and snacks with him or her (and no mommy to comment on your choices), what things would you enjoy the most?

Candy, candy, candy! And oh – healthy food, too.


What would you tell other mommies and daddies about paleo?

Try to eat healthy so you can help your kids and whoever else lives with them to live safe and strong.


If you had to have healthy food all week what would you have?

I would have chicken, meat, potatoes, strawberries, and roasted carrots.