Fears and Excuses

I’ve been talking with a few people off-line recently about the upcoming Primal Primer seminar on January 6. It’s funny to me the myriad responses I get. Rare is the person who is immediately ALL IN – like, “Heck, yes! I’m there! Where do I sign up for this amazing-ness you offer?” Most people I talk to start to get a little uncomfortable, a bit awkward. They have trouble making eye contact, start to flush, and suddenly remember that very important THING that they need to rush off and do.


I get it. I understand. Let me put some fears, and excuses, to rest.


1 – There is no contract you sign at the end of this event requiring you to adhere to a paleo diet or primal lifestyle. There is no show of hands, no line-up, nothing that will make you feel as if you can’t leave without professing allegiance or somehow identifying as IN or OUT. I feel no obligation to convince you of anything. I do, however, feel a strong sense of urgency to put the facts and testimonies before you and let you reach your own conclusions. (And with good reason. The state of our health affairs is in a dire situation). At the end of the day, you’ll do you, and I’ll do me, and that’s okay. And you know what? We can still be friends!


2 – You will not be judged or criticized for the way you eat, the way you exercise or don’t exercise, the way you feed your families, or the unusual habits you might have. Believe me, as one who has spent years perfecting some fairly weird and dysfunctional patterns with food and exercise, there is not much that surprises me in this regard. If it’s not something I have seen or done myself over the years, I might congratulate you on your creative thinking. But beyond that, I am the last person in a position to pass any kind of judgment. If I begin to take on a judgmental tone, I beg you – please call me out. Shame has no place here, and will never be my intent. Our stories might not be identical, but we have some common threads, I’m sure. Let’s build on that.


3 – If the timing of the event is not ideal for you, no worries! I plan to host identical sessions on the first Saturday of every month for the next however-many-months it takes and as long as my husband’s schedule allows. If you’re not comfortable in a large group setting, let me know and let’s work something out.


4 – If $50-60 is out of your budget, I am absolutely willing to engineer a solution. Pay me $5 at a time if you want! I just want you to come and participate. Guys, I didn’t become an elementary school teacher or a high school coach to make loads of money. And this is no different. If I knew I’d never make a single dollar as a Primal Health Coach, I would still share this information with anyone and everyone who would listen. It’s like the writer who must communicate, the artist who must create, the dancer who must perform. I guess I’m the coach who must inspire.


5 – However it may appear on social media, I do not have this thing all figured out. I am not here to “show you the way.” There are still foods in my house that don’t fit a primal approach. My kids still have an occasional meal at Chick-Fil-A (although it makes me cringe whenever Tim takes them there). I occasionally get a little weird about comfort foods and exercise. And I mishandle relationships and stress at times, just like you. So, if you plan to attend the next seminar in hopes of getting all the answers, let me go ahead and disappoint you now. I don’t have them. What I do have is a tested framework, a trustworthy approach, that makes a lot of sense. It is helping me and helping my family, friends and relatives. And I believe it can help you, too. I hope you’ll take a risk (if this even qualifies as a risk) and JUST.COME.


Just. (grin)