7 Paleo Breakfasts for Kids

7 days, 7 critiques.

DAY 1: Fried eggs, Applegate chicken & maple sausage, sweet potato toast, sauteed kale with chopped bacon, paleo pumpkin chai bread, strawberries

What was your favorite part of this meal?  You know what I’m going to say, Mommy, don’t you? The eggs and the strawberries!

What was your least favorite part of this meal? You can only choose one thing.  The kale. It’s chewy and I don’t care for the taste right now. Maybe when I’m bigger I’ll like it.

What would make this meal even better?  Um, maybe some honey on the kale.

What did you think of the Paleo bread?  On  a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = gross and 10 = I could eat it every day), I give it a 5.

How would you rate this whole meal?  I give it a 10.

Anything else you would want people to know?  If you don’t like it, at least try 2 bites of everything.

DAY 2: Scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon, smoked sausage, roasted potatoes, and fresh fruit (oranges and raspberries)

I noticed you didn’t eat all of the sausage, even though we had that for dinner last night and you really liked it. Why didn’t you eat it today?  Mommy, what I would say is because it’s tasting a little different now. Like, it’s just losing the taste to my tongue.

What did you think of the spinach and bacon in your scrambled eggs?  On a scale of 1 to 5, I would say a 3. No, maybe a 4. The egg and bacon is my favorite part. The spinach reminds me of kale.

Fruit is a healthy choice, right? Yes Then why didn’t I give you a whole plateful of fruit? Because if you have too much, it’s too much sweet and that can hurt your stomach.

How would you rate the whole meal on a scale of 1 to 10? Mommy, it would be pretty hard to decide but I’m surprising you with an 8 1/2.

DAY 3: Fried eggs, gluten-free toast, pumpkin-spiced protein pudding topped with plain yogurt, maple syrup, pecans and hemp seeds.

I make you eggs for breakfast pretty much every morning. Do you ever get tired of them?  Mommy, no because if I were ever to get tired of them, why do I never complain? My favorite is fried eggs, the ones I always have.

You love roasted carrots, but I noticed you hardly ate any this morning. Why is that?  It was because the ranch dressing you gave me had been sitting out too long, and it was just…not very tasty. You know how when you leave a lot of foods out too long, they go bad. I think that’s what happened with the ranch.

What did you think of the pudding? Did you realize there was pumpkin in there? I think I did realize that because there was something that was orange. The pudding was good. It was just a little too much for me because there was a big cup of it. I liked the topping- it tasted good.

How would you rate the whole meal on a scale of 1 to 10? Well, I know you want my honest opinion. So what I would say is, maybe a 10. Just next time, make sure you give me fresh Ranch dressing and not so much pudding and I would eat it all.

DAY 4: Fried eggs, homemade pork breakfast sausage, paleo pancakes, sauteed cabbage with ham, apples and onions, raspberries.

What was the first thing you noticed on your plate?  I noticed the eggs first, since pretty much in every meal this week you’ve given me an egg.

What did you think of the cabbage combination?  I ate the ham out of it and I really liked that. The cabbage wasn’t as good as that cabbage soup you made that I love. I don’t think I got any apples on my plate with the cabbage.

Did I put too much food on your plate this morning?  You did put too much because I would have eaten that whole thing if there wasn’t so much of it.

Which do you like better – my sausage or the Applegate sausage?  I like Applegate better because it tastes really good and better than yours.

How would you rate this whole meal?  I would give it an 11. Wow, that’s off the scale! It was that good? Yes. Even the cabbage? Yes.

Has this been a fun experience so far?  Yes, mommy – it actually has. I just really like trying paleo things. It tastes surprisingly really good.

DAY 5: 2-egg omelet filled with sauteed chard and shallots, homemade sausage, bacon, and a little cheese, plus sliced bananas and raspberries, and paleo pumpkin-cranberry bread (which I called “monkey bread”).

Have you ever eaten an omelet before? Yes, I have. Remember that one time you gave me one with some almonds? Did you know there would be something inside?  Yes, an omelet has to have something inside of it – otherwise it wouldn’t be an omelet. You explained this to me before.

At first you left quite a bit of the omelet on your plate. Then when I came over and encouraged you a little bit, and made a game of it, you ended up finishing all but the last 2 bites. Tell me about that.  I just really like playing a game with my food sometimes because then it seems really fun to me.

Anything you wished was on your plate that I didn’t include?  Strawberries, steak and potatoes. I actually mean that.

What did you think of the monkey bread?  It was good. I read in my book Anna Banana there was monkey bread in the story, so I thought maybe it would taste the same as that.

How would you rate this whole meal?  This might not be the best thing ever, but I give it a 6, because you had to play that game with me.

I could use some ideas for tomorrow’s breakfast. What would you like to see on your plate?  Two regular fried eggs, an Applegate sausage, some carrots with FRESH dressing. Would you be willing to try some more monkey bread? Okay.

DAY 6: 2 fried eggs, Applegate chicken and maple sausage, roasted carrots with ranch dressing (not paleo, but it’s the only kind she likes right now), purple sweet potatoes, paleo pumpkin-cranberry bread

So, you got to pick your breakfast this morning. Were you happy with your choice? Yes, I was because if I didn’t eat it, why would I choose those things?

You haven’t had a bowl of cereal in a long time. How do you feel about that?  I kinda miss it because it just tastes so good. My favorite kind is Cheerios with bananas on top.

How does your stomach and body feel after you eat a breakfast like you had this morning? It feels very, very, very (say “very” 10 times, Mom) nice. It feels good and when I usually have my other kind of breakfast like cereal, my body says to me, “I would like at least like 7 days of paleo.”

You agreed to try the monkey bread again today. Was it any better than the first time?  A little bit. It’s just kinda too tart.

How would you rate this whole meal?  I give it a 9.

Some kids your age would think things like purple sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, and cabbage sound really yucky, especially for breakfast. What would you want to tell them? I would tell them, if you think that it tastes bad, you should actually try it first because you never know what it will actually taste like if you don’t even try it. You might like it.

DAY 7: 2 scrambled eggs with bacon and roasted carrots, Applegate chicken and maple sausage, gluten-free cinnamon raisin toast, and an Island Breeze smoothie (frozen strawberries, mangoes and banana blended with coconut water).

This was your last day of Paleo breakfasts! I’m really proud of how well you’ve done, and other people reading this are, too. How do you feel about your efforts this week? I am really, really proud of myself because I’m usually not big on healthy things.

If we continued this for another week, or more, would you be happy about it? Yes, and I would like to do it for at least 10 or 11 days. Why? Becasue I actually do like having a break from sweet stuff and I like answering these questions.

Do you think $7 was a fair price for your work? Yes, because…7 days, $7. There! What are you going to do with your money? I’m going to put it in my savings bank so I can buy that guitar I’ve been saving for.

How would you rate this whole meal?  I give it a 10 1/2.

What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?  Technically, my regular: 2 fried eggs, toast, and a small bowl of cereal with fruit on top. And if we have some left, the Island Breeze smoothie!